Family Constellations and Expressive Arts Therapy workshop Cape Town

This one day workshop will support participants to explore a new perspective on what they are currently challenged by.  Using a range of arts and constellations processes they will be guided towards new insights.

In the course of the day we will do two constellations (drawn randomly from a hat), some art making and movement work that will support release and integration.

Lunch will be bring and share.

Participants comment from a previous workshop:

I felt incredibly at ease and safe with Paula – she is very intentional in her approach from start to finish, yet she very gently opens space for each step to naturally develop in the process, all the while holding the group throughout. What impressed me further was her instinctual knack at knowing exactly where, when and how to pause, long enough to do the work, and then allowing for flow once more.

Family Constellations and Expressive Arts Therapy workshop Cape Town

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