A festival of radical reciprocity.  Sharing of Passion.  Living Kindness.  Everyone shares something.  A performance, a poem, a meal, a skill, a workshop, a service, a philosophy. Camping.  Starry Skies. Autumn days.

 Everyone brings something to share and is rewarded 10-fold by the sharing of others.  It’s about giving and receiving with a whole heart.  It only works if everyone does it.
We  started the festival in 2017 as a playful experiment and were rewarded by an intimate, joyful and spontaneous experience that was nourishing and restorative for all.  Their personal networks include some quite accomplished performers and creatives who turned up and shared their gold.  Friends of friends brought wonderful offerings and plenty of colour.  Previous offerings included: musical performances by Jamie Jupiter, Mark Maingard, Death cafe, life drawing, yoga, invisible tennis, Ciabata bread making, 5 rythmns dance, magic show, DJs, dramatherapy, family constellations, slack lining, story telling by Paul Slabolesky, movies, guided bike rides, mandala making, permaculture garden design, low stress stock management, car maintenance, stand up comedy and much more!
Festival goers also join a crew like the cooking, recycling, cleaning, toilets, fire keeping, technical support etc.  Some people prefer their offerings to be back stage while others are more comfortable in the lime light.
This is our first festival after a 3 year break for Covid. There are some lovely offerings coming through already. What would you offer? Do you have a song, poem, story to perform and need a friendly audience to try it out on? Do you have passion you want to share? Do you want to cook a meal? A magic show? Something for the kids? Do you know something we don’t? Pass it on. Share it. Refill.
Because of the intimate, co-creating nature of the festival, we do not accept day trippers – so its all in or wait to hear the stories afterwards!  While we do have cottages and caravans on the farm, those are all already booked, so its bring your own tent (or caravan).
Space is quite limited due to the size of our resources so you must contact me soon to book.


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Getting to The Rest
We are half way between Cape Town and Johannesberg (about 8 hours in either direction) half an hour off the N9 highway. We are an hour from Graaff-Reinet and 25 minutes from Nieu Bethesda.

To Drive: Email us for directions and check on the current state of the road and how your car will fare on the dirt roads.

Carpool to workshops: Join the event on the Facebook page and see who is keen to carpool. Email us to put you in touch with other drivers coming from your area.

Bus: Both Intercape and Translux stop in Graaff-Reinet. We will arrange to pick you up from the bus station and bring you to the farm directly or via a guest house (buses usually arrive at awkward times in the late or early hours.)
Email us to arrange this.

Fly: Catch a flight to Port Elizabeth and hire car to drive to the farm (this is a four hour drive).
Co-ordinate with other workshop participants who want to do the same. Email us for directions.


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